Online Board Management Tools

Online board management tools allow leaders of nonprofits to be more efficient and productive with their time. They can also ensure that everyone has access the most current information at a meeting, and that the decision-making process doesn’t get affected by outdated or missing data. These software solutions also decrease the cost of printing agendas and other materials. They also facilitate remote participation. Not all board portals however, are equally. Certain providers provide more features than other therefore it is important to think about your business’s unique requirements before deciding on a service.

The top-rated companies for board tools offer their clients an array of options and features. These include the ability to upload committee reports, fact sheets, and other important documents onto the boards tile as well as an integrated file-sharing tool that allows users to access all meeting information in one app. Additionally, these tools allow participants to work on documents prior to and during virtual meetings. This feature is very beneficial because it can save the time of the meeting attendees.

Additionally, these solutions allow users to sign-in to their board portal using any device they like – from desktops to smartphones. This means they can access the solution from any place anytime, and in the way that is most comfortable for them. They also provide members with an array of functions for working on documents during virtual meetings, such as laser pointer, page synchronization tool and annotations shared.