Our Ongoing Projects

By the Grace of Al-Mighty Allah we have completed the under mentioned projects and also looking forward some new projects that will definitely be for the welfare of the deserving people

Vocational Training School

Establishment and Running of Vocational Training School for disabled women in collaboration with REDO (Rawalpindi Eye Donors Organization).

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Eye Camps

Conducting of medical and eye camps with the assistance of REDO in backward areas within 100 km radius.

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Medical Dispensary

Running of medical dispensary at Khurrum Village with availability of male doctor a week and lady doctor once a month along with free checkups and medicines.

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Funding of Goats

Funding of over 100 goats to the inhabitants of Khurrum village near Taxila.

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Provision of Sports Kits

Provision of sports kits to the schools in the backward areas.

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Provision of Books

Provision of books, copies and other stationary material to the schools kids in remote villages.

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