Board Portal Pricing Comparison

Comparing the cost of a board portal is a crucial first step to selecting the right tools for your governance needs that will fit within your organization’s budget while meeting the requirements of your board members. It’s important to compare both the upfront and ongoing costs of board meeting software for a precise picture of its total cost.

Directors are increasingly realizing the importance of modern board management systems. In addition to the environmental advantages of going paperless, directors are able to save time by being able to avoid the whirlwind of emails and reducing the cost of travel. Other reasons behind the growing popularity of board portals include the capability to quickly create and distribute board packs online, note taking on the web, collaboration, and more.

Regardless of the drivers driving your company to implement an online board portal there’s a broad selection of options to choose from. The most important things to consider in the price comparison of a board portal are training options, support quality, security features and the amount of data storage.

The most important aspect to consider is whether or not the support and service provided by the vendor will give your board members the confidence needed to use the technology effectively. This is a prerequisite to knowing that there is a live, in-person support line that is able to answer questions or address issues as they arise.

As the market continues to change and grow it’s a good idea to understand how a vendor plans to improve their products in the near future. A good vendor will be able articulate how their current product is evolving to keep ahead of governance best practices as well as the demands of their customers.