How to Evaluate Board Software

Board portal software can make meetings more efficient and productive, whether you’re using it for your board or an entire organisation. With a single, user-friendly tool that can help you streamline and simplify agendas for board meetings, create accurate minutes of meetings, and much more.

Determine the specific needs of your board. For instance, a major reason for boards to adopt online tools for managing boards is security. Emailing board documents and sharing them with free software like Dropbox could result in data breaches and unauthorised access. Board members and corporate secrecy seek efficiency improvements through a more convenient and secure method of managing and sharing information.

SelectHub Board Satisfaction Rate is a useful tool to assess the capabilities of various solutions. This tool gives an average score, based on reviews from well-known software review websites. Alternatively, you can create an evaluation group of board members (chairs and administrators) to look for available or known solutions which address their concerns. To maximize net benefit the evaluation process must cover the entire board cycle.

Examine the functionality that is essential such as tools for planning and agendas as well as document management, which includes unlimited space to store meeting documents and corporate documents Boardbook templates, eSignatures, discussion and chat features and one-to-one communication channels. Make sure the software is compatible with third-party software and top calendar apps to make scheduling meetings easier and document collaboration.