How to Make Own Data Room

A virtual data room (VDR) is secure storage for documents. It is frequently utilised during M&A round, funding rounds IPOs and due diligence. It could be used to store contracts, intellectual property documentation, or financial information, companies need a trusted and reliable platform to securely share sensitive documents with third party.

When you create a VDR, it’s important to consider the types of files and users you’d like inviting and grant access to. Based on the kind of business you’re operating various users will have different access levels, and it’s vital that your platform allows you to grant granular user permissions.

On the user management page, you can create groups and assign permissions according to their role, membership, or group. This way, you can ensure those who are in the right place see the correct content. For example, you can ensure that only a specific team is able to access a project folder.

You should also consider the option to create a FAQ section in your document library. This will cut down on time during due diligence by answering frequently-asked questions in advance. It’s an excellent method of keeping track of any questions that may come up during the process, and ensuring they are dealt with in a timely manner to speed up the process. Sturppy can help you develop an accounting model that is investor-ready for your business.