Board Meeting Procedures – How to Conduct a Successful Meeting

Whether it’s during a meeting in person, or via video conference, board meetings should be focused on making decisions and establishing goals for the future. The best way to do this is to follow a few simple board meeting procedures.

Before any official business can be discussed, it is important to make sure there is the quorum. This is usually stipulated in the company’s bylaws and requires a roll-call to ensure there are enough attendees to hold a vote.

The chair should inquire if any of the members have any corrections or modifications to the minutes of the previous meeting. If none are present, they can be approved in writing.

Once all the old business has been settled and settled, new business can begin. The board must go through the agenda item-by-item, making time for discussion and voting. Ideally, matters for decision should be discussed at the beginning of the meeting. This is due to the fact that these topics are likely to be discussed and analysed in past board meetings, meetings or even a one-on-one meeting with individual directors.

It’s important that you set clear guidelines for speaking time to keep the meeting on track. For example, directors should not speak until the speaker before them has finished. There should be no interruptions to anyone else, regardless of how important their point is. If a topic is taking over your time, consider moving it to the next meeting or arranging an interim call so you can get it covered in a shorter amount of time.

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